The following links show our schedules in Indiana. The Indianapolis area is the only area that has an online sign-up sheet. The rest are merely examples of connections we have made. To sign up in Indianapolis, click the Volunteer link at the top of the website.

The majority of food donations go to Third Phase in Noblesville Indiana, because their food pantry is open for deliveries as late at 10:30 PM. If you wish to take the food to a different caring agency, simply contact John Williamson at

If you sign up to volunteer, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with instructions that include the time of the pick-up, phone number and address of the food establishment, as well as the phone number and address for Third Phase.

A trunk full of rescued bagels.

For All Pick Ups:

  • Call the food establishment before you leave and tell them you are on your way to pick up the food, and you want to make sure there is food to donate. This will save you a trip if for some odd reason they did not have any of their normal surplus food.
  • Say, "I am here for the end-of-the-day Donations for Food Rescue".
  • When you arrive at Third Phase, drive to the back of the house and park near the grocery carts. Place the food in the grocery carts, and take them to the kitchen door and knock on the door. Third Phase volunteers will often be there to receive the food and help.
  • For Big Apple Bagel Pick-ups, bring 2 large trash bags

Thank you for considering this simple yet powerful commitment. We pray your life will be impacted in a meaningful way.